As the digital world becomes more complex and crowded, the transition seems more elusive. People are troubled by various choices. Your competitors are no longer just companies like you. You can also compete with anyone who creates content in the same space. The good news is that conversion is not really elusive. If you understand how the media develops, people’s preferences, and how to satisfy them, you can significantly increase conversion rates and grow your business. Here are five reliable ways to increase conversion rates in 2017.

1. Use recommendations as social proof

The market has undergone a huge reversal. According to Nielsen Trust Barometer 2017, trust in friends, family and “people like me” has increased, while trust in brands and organizations has fallen further. This is why your customer recommendations are golden, and the more narrative and personalized they are, the more likely they are to do what you want. Testimonials are not only for your website (you should display them in a prominent position).

They can also be used strategically for any communication for conversion purposes, such as sales, event registration, and customer retention emails. This is a good example. Amazon uses customer reviews to sell books in their bookstores and mortar shops.

Tips to Collect and Make Use of Testimonials That Convert

Even if your customers are satisfied, only a few people may take the trouble to provide your suggestions/recommendations.

However, they do tend to spontaneously share happy experiences on social media. Use the keyword reminder tool to keep an eye on what people say about your brand, so you can collect positive mentions and turn them into strong recommendations for your brand Use visual effects.

The photos of satisfied customers are great, and the videos or live broadcasts are also great. Visual recommendations are not only more credible, but also more compelling.

Try to find/use customer reviews that directly discuss the benefits of overcoming the problems you know your customers are worried about.

2. Use personality, vision and video to build relationships

The biggest absence in digital is the human presence. This is why people are more isolated today and suffer from loneliness, even though we are of the most “connected” age in the history of mankind. The typical commercial experience that many brands provide lacks connection and the human element. Some brands manage to pull it off, very well, and people love them for it.

Taco Bell, for instance, has a very sassy, fun personality on Twitter. Their tweets are pure personality, and they don’t even need fancy graphics or complicated concepts to make an impact.